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Merge Fruit

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Who would imagine stacking fruits can be so fun? In Merge Fruit, you will try your hand at a juicy and addicting puzzle that challenges you to drop fruits into a glass container in such a way that they all merge and disappear. Ready to begin?

• Drop the fruits into the box one by one aiming for identical ones to land right next to each other.
• Once two fruits of the same kind rub sides, they merge into a bigger fruit.
• Go on until you put together a watermelon.
• The watermelon explodes freeing up all of that precious space.
• Keep merging and see how many watermelons you can create before you get overfruited!

The merging continues as long as you can stay below that treacherous top line. The moment you cross it you’re doomed! How high will you be able to score this time? There is no quitting once you’re hooked up on Merge Fruit – it’s a fruit stacking addiction! So, are you up for one?

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