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Pizza Tower

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It’s pizza time, and Pizza Tower is just the place you wanna be at when you’re hungry for some hot pies and hot action! Join the pizza-loving hero as he climbs a surreal tower filled with bizarre creatures and cheesy challenges. You gotta reach the top, defeat the boss, and save your beloved pizzeria from a certain doom!

• Wacky platforming levels to challenge your reflexes.
• Crazy obstacles for real pizza parkour pros.
• Even crazier monsters of all sorts and shapes.
• Pizza-themed bonuses, cheese-filled power-ups, and sauce-infused weapons.
• Pixel art style and catchy soundtrack.

So, are you ready to fight vile creature and sling cheese like a mad chef ninja for the love of pizza? If so, Pizza Tower awaits! Set out on this insane pepperoni and mozzarella quest and see if you can make it to the very top of this equally creepy and yummy construction. Keep your head cool, and your pies hot, your pizza cutter sharp, and your reflexes even sharper!

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