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Roblox Doors The Backdoor

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The Backdoor in Roblox Doors, introduced during the 2024 Roblox event The Hunt: First Edition, is a sub-floor that challenges players with a unique escape quest. Accessible through elevators located in a previously inaccessible corridor, this area offers a distinct experience from the main game. Players are enticed to team up for this adventure, as navigating the Backdoor’s complexities is more manageable with allies. Completing this sub-floor rewards players with a special achievement, and although it was designed for the event, The Backdoor will continue to be a part of DOORS, albeit with increased difficulty after the event’s conclusion.

The Intricacies of The Backdoor in Roblox Doors

Unlike the main floors of DOORS, The Backdoor introduces a novel gameplay element with a timer mechanism that adds urgency to the escape endeavor. Players start with a limited amount of time, which they can extend by finding and activating levers within the rooms. This sub-floor comprises a series of rooms, each marked with negative numbers, leading players through a countdown towards their ultimate goal. The environment is populated with new entities and interactive objects, including closets for hiding and drawers containing valuable items or keys. As players progress, they encounter challenges and opportunities to extend their time, while the looming threat of the entity Haste intensifies the atmosphere, making every second and decision critical.

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