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Windowkill distinguishes itself as a unique roguelike twin-stick shooter, unfolding within a movable window on your desktop. This innovative approach brings a fresh twist to the genre, where the game doesn’t confine itself to a single screen but instead invites you to interact with the game window itself. As players engage in combat, they must also manage the game window, dragging and resizing it across the desktop to navigate the game space and confront emerging threats.

A Dynamic Battlefield Beyond Boundaries

The game mechanics of Windowkill revolve around the dynamic movement and manipulation of the game window to dodge enemies and collect valuable gems. These gems serve as currency for purchasing pivotal upgrades, such as enhanced fire rates and the ability to fire multiple shots simultaneously. The challenge intensifies as adversaries begin to invade through their own separate windows, demanding quick thinking and strategic maneuvering from the player. Windowkill presents a creative and engaging experience, blending traditional shooter elements with inventive gameplay mechanics, all set against the familiar backdrop of your desktop.

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