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Cut The Rope

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See that cute green baby monster? His name is Om Nom, and he’s hungry. Very hungry. Always hungry! His favorite treat is candies, and he’s ready to binge on them all day long. So candy it is, and Cut The Rope is the way!

Getting those candies for the little green rascal won’t be so easy. You have to cut them off ropes dangling in the air and do that just right to make sure each and every candy lands right into Om Nom’s open mouth. Quite the task, eh? Just wait! There is more to it:

• Gusts of wind to throw that candy off-course at the worst possible moments.
• Tricky spiders scuttling their way along the rope in a hope to snatch a candy or two.
• Clouds, balloons, and other floating objects that can be both of help and lots of trouble.

Think you can handle this candy-filled quest? Then get your scissors ready and cut the rope, one at a time! Om Nom wants another helping!

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